President Trump's Influence Decline & Twitter Habits

For my Trump-data-loving friends and readers

Back before I had this Substack, I made a post about Donald Trump’s Twitter-posting habits. I’ll quote it below after this new one:

Watch President Trump’s Influence Decline

Love him or hate him as a president, I don’t know anyone who thinks his Twitter accounnt improves the planet, so I have been following the decline in @realDonaldTrump’s follower count since the election, his all-time high:

Nov 1 — 88.9m
Nov 25 — 88.8m (-100K followers over 24 days)
Dec 1 — 88.7m (-100K followers in 6 days)
Dec 10 — 88.6m (-100K followers in 9 days)
Dec 21 — 88.5m (-100K followers in 11 days)

I will continue to track his decline for my own amusement and will update this page accordingly. Please follow along.

President Trump was Really Sick with Covid-19

I posted the following on Facebook on Oct 2, 2020 after President Trump was admitted to the hospital with Covid-19. It seems he was really sick, in retrospect.

President Trump hasn’t tweeted since last night. So I downloaded his 9,273 tweets for this year.

  • His average time between tweets (inclusive of sleeping hours) is 42m 42s.

  • His median time between tweets is 2h 15m.

  • His maximum time during this entire period (I couldn’t download more given my tech constraints in the last five minutes) is 22h 29m.

  • Only 16 times (0.17%!) this year has he gone more than 16 hours without tweeting.

I honestly hope he’s okay. It benefits no one if a sitting president dies.

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